Pritam Priyo Ji

Indian Social Activist, Petitioner in Vishaka’s case

Born in 1954 in a village without electricity until 1969, Pritam Priyo attended a girls' school only up to 8th class. Due to the lack of facilities for girls beyond that level, she enrolled in a boys' school, where she was the sole female student, with no female teachers. Embracing her first challenge at the age of 13, she aspired to become a doctor and became the first girl to secure admission to a medical college in 1972.


In 1984, she became involved in a women's program, providing her the opportunity to connect with hardworking rural women in Rajasthan. Bhanwari Ji, one of the Sathins she collaborated with, left a lasting impact. Subsequently, she extended her contributions to UNICEF. Her focus revolves around core issues such as women's health, Appreciative Inquiry, and gender sensitization.

9.30 AM - 11.00 AM

Friday 8th Dec 2023

Keynote Address by Chief Guest

Indian Social Activist - Driving force behind Vishaka Guidelines