Nina Jane Patel

Safe, Responsible Innovation + Development of Frontier Technology | Head of Research | Doctoral Researcher Kabuni

Nina Jane Patel spends her time exploring the intersection of psychology, technology, education, and mental health.

As the co-founder and Head of Metaverse Research for Kabuni, she is considered a thought leader on the physiological and psychological impact of the Metaverse, investigating the implications of safety, psychology and physiology of human interaction in this rapidly evolving realm.

Patel is a leading advocate for innovation and education with a commitment to using her expertise to drive positive change. In recognition of her groundbreaking work, she has been awarded the prestigious Wilkie Calvert Scholar Award, which supports her research into the physiological and psychological effects of the Metaverse. Additionally, she was recently honored by the Canada Council for the Arts for her new research investigating the relationship of the body, movement and self-expression in the Metaverse.

As an appointed expert for Interpol's Metaverse Expert Group (i-meg), Patel brings her knowledge and experience to the forefront of global discussions on this rapidly evolving field. Her insights have been featured on a wide range of media outlets, including BBC, DW, CNN, NHK, CNBC, British Vogue, Elle, and Good Morning America 3, among others.

12.00 PM - 12.45 PM

Saturday 9th Dec 2023

Harassment & Bullying in Metaverse: What does the future hold?