Naomi Hunter-Epson

Cambridge Politics + IR BA Hons Undergrad Finalist, Events Officer for Cambridge University, Gender Studies Society

Naomi, 21, is a final-year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Cambridge deeply committed to promoting gender equality and inclusive policies. Her journey began with advocating for marginalised youth in Haringey, London, but has since shifted towards advancing intersectional gender equity. Her ultimate goal is to become a political advisor specialising in gender policy.

She has actively collaborated with grassroots, local, and national organisations, addressing issues such as poverty, youth violence and gender inequality. Her roles include:

  • National Youth Parliament Representative for Haringey (MYP).
  • Vice Chair of the Haringey Youth Advisory Board.
  • Membership in the British Youth Council.
  • Women's Officer for the Cambridge Union.
  • Events Officer for the Cambridge Gender Society.

Naomi also has a keen interest in the intersection of technology and gender. She is enthusiastic about gaining further experience in policy, technology, and gender-related fields.