Attreyi Mukherjee

General Counsel, Tata Industries Limited, Co-Chairperson, Legal Affairs & IPR Committee, Bombay Chamber

Attreyi is a seasoned legal professional with dual qualifications to practice in India and England & Wales. Her extensive expertise spans various sectors, including Aviation, Aerospace Manufacturing, E-commerce, EdTech, Digital Health, Fintech, Lifesciences, Management Services, and Consumer Products.

Having begun her career at reputable law firms, Attreyi made a significant transition to the Tata Group Legal Team, marking her first venture in-house. Reporting directly to the Tata Group General Counsel, she currently holds the position of Head of Legal for Tata Industries, an NBFC-CIC. In this role, Attreyi plays a pivotal part in briefing Boards, managing teams, overseeing legal functions of portfolio businesses, hiring and managing external legal resources, and supporting business incubation. She also lends her expertise to compliance and enterprise risk management functions, serving as a member of the Ethics Committee and POSH Committee.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Attreyi serves as a Non-executive Director on the Board of Impetis Bisosciences Ltd., a Tata lifesciences' company. She actively contributes to its business strategy and transactions.

In addition to her corporate roles, Attreyi co-authored successive editions of the highly regarded book on POSH - Handbook on the Law on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, published by Thomson Reuters in 2015 and 2019. The 2019 edition received endorsements from industry leaders like Zia Mody (Founder - AZB & Partners) and academicians like Prof. Promila Agarwal (IIM, Ahmedabad).

Her commitment to the legal community extends to her role as Co-Chair of the Legal Affairs and IPR Committee of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Attreyi actively contributes to designing and speaking at seminars on diverse legal topics. She is a sought-after guest speaker at various forums, both domestic and international, covering subjects such as Tech Laws, Data Privacy, POSH, ABAC, Gender Sensitivity, and more. Attreyi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the legal landscape, consistently delivering time-bound and successful outcomes in her multifaceted career.

12.00 PM - 12.45 PM

Saturday 9th Dec 2023

Harassment & Bullying in Metaverse: What does the future hold?