Amar Jain

Corporate Lawyer, Certified Professional on Web Accessibility, Co-Founder, Mission Accessibility

Amar Jain, a qualified advocate and accessibility professional, has collaborated with law firms under exclusive retainership as a corporate lawyer. His expertise spans deals in Indian and international capital markets, as well as Banking & Finance. Amar has contributed to transactions such as Initial Public Offers, Qualified Institutions Placements, Rights Issues, Bulk and Block Deals, Corporate Advisory, Agreements Drafting and Reviewing, External Commercial Borrowings, Bonds, and securitization, involving both rupee and foreign currency borrowings.

Additionally, Amar holds certification as a Web Accessibility Professional from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. This certification, obtained by a limited number of individuals globally, positions Amar to offer consultancy and training on making websites and apps accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Living with blindness as defined under the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016, Amar has been recognized for his contributions. He received the NCPEDP Mphasis Javed Abidi Public Policy Award and the Sarojini Trilok Nath national award for best role model, acknowledging his work in public policy and serving as a role model, respectively.

Beyond his legal services, Amar is actively involved in empowering persons with disabilities. He co-founded Mission Accessibility, an initiative dedicated to breaking down barriers faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing apps and websites in India. Amar and his team advocate for digital accessibility as a right, engaging with developers to address issues and empower users to voice their concerns productively.

Mission Accessibility has extended its impact by delivering talks on 'Digital Accessibility as a Right' at various educational institutions, contributing to public awareness in this vital field.

11.00 AM - 11.45 AM

Saturday 9th Dec 2023

Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying and persons with disabilities: Experiences, Challenges & Solutions