Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Questions

Anvay Global Dialogue is a global event focused on addressing ‘Harassment and Discrimination’ and shaping a positive future through open discussions and collaboration.
The event will take place on December 8th and 9th, 2023, at Zoho Backstage – On Air(Virtual). It will commence at 10 AM.

Yes, tickets are available. You can purchase your tickets on our official event registration page: Register Now.

Open registrations for ticket options are available for purchase. Visit and secure your spot now!

For the latest event news and updates, follow our official social media channels. You can also subscribe to our newsletter on the event website. Our social media channels are as below –

You can contact us through our event website’s “Contact Us” page or using the following contact details:

Phone: +91 90040 99796, +91 90045 21614


Virtual Event Platform

Our virtual event platform provides comprehensive details about event, including complete information about Speakers, Partners, Organizers, Team and more, to help attendees(participants) prepare and participate effectively.

Yes, attendee have the flexibility to plan their day according to their preferences.

Attendees do not need to log in to the attendee website to view the event. However, they do have to log in to perform the following actions:

  • Select favourite sessions from the agenda.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Join ongoing sessions.
  • Ask questions or provide feedback during sessions.

Yes, attendees and speakers can join discussion channels on the virtual event platform by login with their registered email id.

Our platform allows attendees to capture and instantly upload memorable moments, ensuring they can cherish and share their experiences with others.

Absolutely, attendees can ask questions anytime during the live session using the Questions Feature on the event platform. Get direct and timely responses from panel moderators to stay engaged.

Yes, attendees can join public chat groups within the Discussion Forum on the virtual event platform to connect with people who share similar interests and interact meaningfully. Attendees can view complete information about other attendees if their profile is public, check LinkedIn links, engage in direct chat, and obtain contact details by privately messaging.

We provide a push notification that allows you to instantly get updates about any changes, delays, or updates during the event and before the event.

Our platform offers post-session analytics, providing details on session performance, such as average session time, slide likes, questions asked, session ratings, and attendee feedback, allowing organizers to assess the impact of each session.