Women's Web

Vocallea Networks Pvt. Ltd. works in the space of enabling Inclusive workplaces through its offerings, Content Architecture & Creation, Research, Events, and Experiences. Vocallea Networks’ work spans creating and operationalizing a digital media platform Women’s Web as well as connecting women & under-included communities to opportunities & organizations that are investing in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Women’s Web began in 2010 with one woman’s conviction that women were more interested in the world around them than conventional platforms believed. Today it is India’s top website for women.

At Women’s Web, their mission is to increase participation of Indian women in the paid workforce, by connecting millions of Indian women with the resources, tools and opportunities from enterprises. They are India’s most-loved digital platform that enables women @ work through content and community.

Since 2010, Women’s Web has grown from being user-generated media platform, to a platform that enables urban women to seek faster success in the early or mid stages of their careers or business.