Tazeen Siddiqui

IIM Udaipur, Managing Director, Mansha Educational Society

Tazeen Siddiqui is a dynamic professional with a multifaceted role in the fields of education, space exploration, and human rights. Currently serving as the Lead for Telangana at NASA and the Managing Director of Mansha Educational Society, Tazeen has made significant contributions to various domains.

As a NASA judge for NESF and the lead for Telangana, Tazeen has been an integral part of the International NASA Space App Challenge in 2020. Her expertise extends beyond space exploration, as she received international recognition as an innovator in education, winning an award in 2016. Tazeen is also a Google Scholar and a recipient of the Nelson Mandela Global Leadership Award.

Her achievements don't stop there—Tazeen has presented at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University in international educational conferences. Her articles, including "Multiple Intelligences 54" and "Typing Fingers vs Writing Fingers," have been acknowledged by Oxford University.

Tazeen's impact in education is further highlighted by her role as the Chairperson of India International Long-Term Economy and her creation of the "TAZEEN TAXOLOGY" theory, outlining a series of steps for effective teaching methodologies. She is also an advisor to Finland Mehackit, a training and development organization for educators and students.

In addition to her contributions to education, Tazeen is involved in human rights advocacy. She serves as the Director of WAOHR (World Aid Organization of Human Rights) and has received the Global Young Researcher Award in 2019. Her editorial role in the Dr. Kalam International Vision India Reader magazine showcases her commitment to disseminating knowledge.

Tazeen's accolades include the Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan Award, Best Academic Administrator Award by the Chief Minister of Pondicherry, and a Certificate of Achievement from NASA in Educational Development. She has organized Skype training sessions for teachers in rural areas, conducted lectures at ISB on women's empowerment, and provided counseling for parents and students.

Her commitment to education is evident in the training sessions she conducts on behavioral problems and stress management in schools and colleges, particularly in underprivileged institutions. Tazeen has been a driving force behind the Vision India Summit, bringing together leaders and speakers from various sectors.

In 2006, Tazeen received the Best Poetry Award from the International Library of Poets in the U.S. Additionally, she founded the Mansha Vision India Forum, uniting over 400 leaders across India in a common vision for the future. Tazeen Siddiqui stands as a beacon of innovation, education, and human rights advocacy, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of her diverse endeavors.

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